Waterproof Forgiveness is an installation comprising of 16 standing concrete structures, placed in a circular formation, spanning 8 metres in diameter. and directly follows a previ- ous work: Autopsy of the Cultural Ghost (2019). Previously, Atbane had conceptualized a sculptural form that repre- sented the shapes of different body elements in relation to African Sculptures and statues. Using these conceptualized forms Atbane has considered how he would visually and sculpturally represent forgiveness, a concept he has greatly considered personal to Africa in terms of restitution. The aspects of what Atbane calls “African forgiveness” are rep- resented within this installation: peaceful, large, waterproof and strong, all aspects that are represented by the use, size and composition of the material structure of this installation. The shape of the individual structure seems to be inspired by the “spine” that is seen in Autopsy of a Cultural Ghost and reinforces Atbane’s idea that the African forgiveness has a strong skeletal framework that keeps standing, even during difficult times, however Waterproof Forgiveness is said to be an imaging of the ribcage of his imaginative creature

Curated by Marta Moriarty



Waterproof forgiveness

8 (w) x 2m (h)

Cement, rebar and enamel paint



Waterproof forgiveness



NIROX Winter Exhibition 2021